Famups vs. Famoid: Facebook Likes and Followers Packages

Famups vs. Famoid

Facebook likes and followers packages are available on different online portals. However, it is important to select the best portal to specify your requirement with your complete profit. Two of the most famous service providers are Famups and Famoid. Although both of them offer quite similar services if you consider their packages and services respectively. You can easily sort your mind and can make a profitable decision for your benefit. Let’s help you make a great decision and meet your goals without any disappointment.

Famoid vs Famups – Facebook Likes & Followers Packages

Everyone wants to make a decision that gives them immense profit without any hassle and hardship. Facebook likes are commonly purchased for business or personal promotions. If you are looking to buy Facebook likes and searching for a suitable package for your business account then you will always have the tendency to save your business budget. And if it is for personal promotions then you will always look for a budget-friendly package. In both ways, a genuine price and a reliable service are inevitable for anyone. So, here are the reasons that make Famups a perfect choice for your requirements.

The Budget-Friendly Packages

Famups offer 10 different varieties of packages for Facebook likes that start merely from $18. That is why you can choose any one of them according to your preference and budget. Whereas, with Famoid, you can only have 4 different packages for posting likes on your account and 4 packages for Fan page likes. In total, you are getting 2 options more with Famups and you can use them for any of your respective purposes.

Maximum Likes are available

If you want to buy the maximum Facebook likes then opting for Famups will benefit you to resolve your purpose without any limitation. This is because you can buy at least 500 likes and a maximum of 20,000 likes according to your requirements. But with Famoid, you can buy maximum likes of 1000 for likes on your Facebook posts and a maximum of 2500 for Fanpage Facebook likes.

Assurance of Real Likes

When you opt for Famups, you will always get real Facebook likes from active and real Facebook users. Although Famoid also claims to provide real likes. With Famups, the best benefit you can get is the trial plan to verify the authenticity of the Facebook likes. The real likes are important for the Facebook account as Facebook always verifies whether the accounts have authentic likes or fake likes. If it is found that the Facebook likes are fake on your profile then those likes will be removed from the account and if the number is big, then your account may get panelized. That is why if you want to choose a package for Facebook likes that will help you resolve your purpose without any drawback.

The same benefits will be assured by Famups for Facebook Followers as well. However, Famoid doesn’t provide packages for Facebook followers. It is widely available with Famups only. Additionally, Famups ensures a 100% service guarantee and assistance. That is whenever you face any inconvenience with the service; you can get in touch with them and resolve your issue immediately without any wait-time. Some other benefits of opting Famups for your requirement are,

  • Payment assurance: With Famups, you can have a variety of payment options that you can choose according to your preference. You can also get a complete refund of the money if the order is not delivered to you within the given time.
  • Easy reachability: Famups takes pride to offer easy reachability, i.e., if you want to reach Famups to buy Facebook followers or Facebook likes, then you can easily connect with the professionals and resolve your purpose without any interruption. All you need to do is to visit the online portal and select the service you require. Once you put the number of the Facebook likes or followers, and make the respective payment. You will be notified with the date of delivery. It is as simple as that.
  • Refund process: One of the most amazing benefits of choosing Famups for your concerned service is the refund process. That is, if you don’t get the order within the given time, you will get a complete refund for the order.

Everyone expects to have a great deal that not only benefits them but also ensures a great profit to make the decision worthwhile. If you expect the same while buying Facebook likes and followers packages. Choosing Famups will never be disappointing for you. Explore their service packages now!

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