5 Ways to Get More Spotify Followers And Plays

Get More Spotify Followers And Plays

Building an ample number of Spotify followers and Plays is not a simple process. It takes a lot of duration to establish a fair fan following. An artist needs to strive hard to designate himself on the platform as a successful musician. Nevertheless, there are some ways that many successful musicians have tried that are considered brands today.

Tips to Get More Spotify Followers and Plays:

1) Invest in yourself and make a Brand:

Leave no stone unturned to make yourself a brand. Work on your existing social media accounts. Make your presence on almost every account which is valid in your country. Upload videos and images implicating you and your profession. The followers you have on your other social media profile will help you to gain more plays and followers on your Spotify account.

After building an adequate number of followers, share your music on your profiles which will entice users to follow you and stream your melody. In addition, promote your music on your social media by releasing short videos or music in the form of reels, images, posts, etc. It will urge people to follow you and stream your melody on Spotify.

2) Get your Profile listed in Music Blogs:

You can get yourself to appear in the blogs based on music. A blog is a great way to promote yourself in the music market. Nowadays, people love to read blogs or articles based on the entertainment industry.

Explain the theme of your music, and how melody it is in terms of listening. Do not abstain from exaggerating about the song you have posted on your profile. It will entice people to play your songs and follow you if they like so.

Apart from listing yourself in music blogs, you can also promote your music on YouTube. YouTube has a large number of audiences. Hence, you can get into contact with a YouTuber and ask him to have the interviews that will give both of you good content to showcase your work to an audience.

3) Make your Presence Consistent on Spotify:

If you want to gain followers and Plays, you have to make your appearance consistent on your profile. Celebs generally lose their fan following due to the lack of presence in the media. Moreover, many people create news to be in the limelight. Similarly, if you also wish to increase Spotify followers & Plays, you ought to upload music on a weekly on monthly basis.

In addition, you should keep updating your profile. Keep adding new things or events you had related to music on your profile. If you do not have any music prepared to upload, you may post a podcast in which you can delineate your upcoming songs or events. You can further request your followers to share your profile.

4) Use keywords to get Listeners more easily:

Like other apps, Spotify is also a search engine. You can get your song appears in the search engine by using perfect Keywords. For example, if you have made a song about the life of a middle-class family or common people, you can use “middle-class family” as your Keyword to get your music listed in the search item.

Use the Keywords smartly in your playlist title, description the chances of your song getting found in the search engine may increase. Hence, Keyword plays a major role to increase Spotify followers and Plays.

5) Propose your Melody to Spotify Playlist:

Weekly and New Music Friday are some prominent playlists to which you can submit your music as these playlists could be a game-changer for you. Playlists curate your music and erase every unnecessary part of your music so that your listeners can stream it smoothly.

It works on your music to avoid all the bad elements it has. Moreover, they have an experienced team and expertise in the field of music. Hence, it would be great for you if you submit your new songs to Spotify playlists.

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