How to Get Verified on Twitter?

How to get Verified on Twitter

Twitter verification is a coveted status symbol for many users on the platform. It signifies that the account has been confirmed as authentic and belongs to a notable public figure, celebrity, or brand.

In 2023, the process of getting verified on Twitter has evolved, and there are new requirements and guidelines to follow. Here’s what you need to know to get verified on Twitter in 2023.

1. Build a Strong Presence on Twitter

Before you can even think about getting verified on Twitter. You need to build a strong presence on the platform. This means creating a complete profile with a profile picture, header image, and bio that accurately represents you or your brand. You should also tweet regularly and engage with your followers to build a loyal following.

2. Meet the New Verification Requirements

In 2023, Twitter has updated its verification requirements to include more information about the account holder. To be eligible for verification, you must have a complete profile with a confirmed email address and phone number. You must also have been active on Twitter for at least six months and have a minimum of 1,000 followers.

3. Provide Additional Information

To get verified on Twitter in 2023. You will need to provide additional information about yourself or your brand. This includes links to relevant websites, articles, or social media profiles that demonstrate your notability. You may also be asked to provide a government-issued ID or other documentation to confirm your identity.

4. Apply for Verification

Once you have met the new verification requirements and provided all the necessary information. You can apply for verification on Twitter. The verification application is available in the account settings section of your profile. You will need to fill out the application form and provide all the required information.

5. Wait for a Response

After you have submitted your verification application. You will need to wait for a response from Twitter. The verification process can take several weeks. And there is no guarantee that your application will be approved. If your application is denied, you can reapply after 30 days.

6. Maintain Your Verified Status

Once you have been verified on Twitter. It’s important to maintain your verified status. This means continuing to tweet regularly and engaging with your Twitter Followers. You should also update your profile information as needed to ensure that it accurately represents you or your brand.

7. Follow Twitter’s Guidelines

As a verified user on Twitter, you are expected to follow the platform’s guidelines and rules. This includes refraining from abusive behavior, hate speech, and harassment. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in the loss of your verified status or even the suspension of your account.

8. Use Your Verified Status Wisely

Being verified on Twitter comes with a certain level of responsibility. You should use your verified status wisely and only tweet information that is accurate and relevant. You should also use your platform to promote positive messages and engage with your followers in a meaningful way.

9. Leverage Your Verified Status

Your verified status on Twitter can be a valuable asset for your personal brand or business. You can leverage your verified status to attract new followers, build credibility, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Be sure to promote your verified status on other social media platforms and in your marketing materials.

10. Stay Up-to-Date on Twitter’s Policies

Twitter’s policies and guidelines are constantly evolving. So it’s important to stay up-to-date on any changes that may affect your verified status or account. You should regularly check the Twitter Help Center for updates and follow the platform’s official accounts for the latest news and information.

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