7 Ways to Promote your Business on Twitter

Promote your Business on Twitter

Twitter is a rapidly growing social media platform that every business should utilize to reach their target audience.

It is hard to get your business seen on the platform with people updating and tweeting each second. You have to opt for effective strategies to promote your business in a competitive space like Twitter.

Tweeting about your blog posts and other important events is very basic, and does not help in increasing your Twitter follower count. You need to go all out and make use of tools, apps, strategies, and analytics.

With that said, let’s have a look at the most effective ways to promote your business on Twitter.

Display your Brand Essence:

For making the audience connect to your business, you have to do more than just promote your service or product. The audience engages with a brand that talks about its story, goals, and shows a genuine interest in helping its customers. Customers do not trust a brand only for the products its offers, they are curious to know more about the business practices and all that happens behind the curtains. Being transparent is the key to gaining the trust of your customers. Your Twitter feed should not be entirely professional or fully branded. Share your brand story, give the audience a sneak peek of the workings of your business, and do not mind sharing some images. Photos, GIFs, or short videos, BTS clips, generate more engagement than some basic tweets about your upcoming products. The tweet should be exciting so that the audience wants to share or retweet it.

Tweet and Retweet:

Tweet and Retweet

Make sure that your tweets are relevant and useful for the audience. Your tweets should contain pictures, videos, links, and other types of media formats that generate a good response and engagement. The quality of your tweets will help it get more clicks, leads, shares, and retweets. Retweeting your posts or the posts of other Twitter influencers that relate to your brand will help promote your tweets. So that the audience can discover your brand. Whenever you tweet about something like your blog post. You can link to the content of the Tweeter influencer, chances are these influencers will retweet your post mentioning their content.

Engage with your Audience:

Engage with your Audience

A single tweet on Twitter can help you connect with a high number of users. This means that you should use this platform to engage with those users as well. Making a presence and getting noticed on this platform is difficult since a large number of tweets are tweeted and retweeted each minute. So to grab the attention of the audience, make an extra effort and like or retweet their content. This will help your brand get noticed. You can reply to their comments, or initiate a conversion. It is not usual for the audience to get a response from a brand or influencer on Twitter, responses to their comments and interaction get them interested in your brand and this will lead to an increase in the number of your followers.

Make use of Trending Hashtags:

Make use of Trending Hashtags

Find out the topics or hashtags relevant to your industry that are trending on Twitter. Use these hashtags to promote your business on Twitter. It increases the chances of your content being seen by an audience that is not your followers. You can also industry hashtags discussion that are Twitter chants based on certain hashtags. As you Tweet on topics using trending hashtags, the new followers and leads will start to come, and this way, you can market your business better through this platform. The key is to pick some trending hashtags that are relevant to your tweet. By using the right tweets and hashtags, you can get more clicks and engagement on your Twitter account.

Do Customer Service through Twitter:

Do Customer Service through Twitter

Respond to the customer queries on Twitter and assure the users that they can use this platform to discuss your products or services. You can ask for their opinions, feedback on your products, and reply to their concerns as quickly as you can. Being prompt with your responses is how you make the best use of Twitter as a medium for customer service. This helps build your online presence since the customers feel that you are there to respond to their issues, comments, and happily listen to their suggestions regarding your services. As a result, you gain the trust of your customers and promote your brand by offering efficient Twitter customer service.

Tweet Frequently:

Tweet Frequently

This is not a tip you haven’t heard before, but to stay on the mind of your audience and appear reliable, posting and tweeting consistently is crucial. If you Tweet only once or twice a month then it is easy for your Tweets to get lost. Posting Tweets is the best way to prevent your tweets from vanishing and to remain in the feed of your audience. Twitter uses real-time messages distribution on its platform, which means the feed keeps on changing every second. So, to make sure that you are popping in this feed, Tweet often. You should tweet multiple times a day but make sure not to overdo and spam the user’s feed.

Use Twitter Analytics:

Use Twitter Analytics

After incorporating the above steps into your Twitter strategy. You have to make sure the changes are working and to check that, you can take the help of Twitter Analytics. This helps you get an idea of what is working with your audience and what more changes need to be done. It will also help determine the best days or times to post your tweets. And you can modify your approach accordingly.

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